Protection against theft of your Macs, PC, Tablet and Smartphone

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And if your computer disappeared tomorrow ...

Lost or stolen computer or tablet and all your digital life disappears. BeeBip offers a complete anti-theft solution .

Protect your privacy

Unfortunately, it does not happen only to others. The computer theft is the second computer crime after sending virus ... (Study FBI). And robberies has increased sharply, boosted by the arrival of smartphones and tablets high tech IPhone, Blackberry and other types Ipad. The desktop computers are not left with a disturbing trend of burglaries (520,173 burglaries in France between July 2011 and July 2012). BeeBip is a single global lock solution offers prevention, action and reaction

Protect your home against the risk of burglary

Prevention : Securing your home against theft with the Video Protection module*. In case of intrusion, you are notified in real time wherever you are.

Protect your privacy

Action : Remote wipe your data to protect your privacy.

Recover your property

Reaction : Our research teams locate and identify your computer fraudulent user. In case of burglary, BeeBip is for law enforcement a powerfuland unique tool to conduct the investigation forward.
BeeBip is a smart security solution. In case of theft, it will hide your files, delete your sensitive data or recovert them remotely. The device is also physically located and recovered at the home of the fraudulent user.


Logiciel antivol pour les entreprises

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Antivol ordinateur pour les particuliers


Sécurité informatique des administrations


Protection de l'informatique des professionnels de santé


Intelligence économique


Protection contre le vol d'ordinateur dans les établissements scolaires et universités
Laptop theft
Fight against computer theft
PC theft