Protection de votre domicile en cas de cambriolage

Protect your home against burglary

320 173, is the number of burglaries in France between July 2008 and July 2009.
700 ?, is the average cost of an alarm system purchassed in supermarkets.

Obviously, at this price, until you have not been the victim of a burglary, one hesitates to invest. A burglary is a particulary traumatic experience. So what solution ?

BeeBip offers video protection device that will alert you in real time from any intrusion to your home, wherever you are.

BeeBip also allows to locate any device that could be stolen before the intervention of the police and identify the fraudulent user. This allows police officers to recover not only the computer, but also other goods stolen during the burglary
Testimony of the first police officer of the Arras NTECH cell having solved a case thanks BeeBip:

« I was required to take a deposit of complaint in case of computer theft in which was installed BeeBip software. Police officers are trained in procedures involving the use of IP address but it was the first time I solved a case using such a software. And for a first, it was a success. We were able to recover the computer to the home of the fraudulent user. It is obvious that without BeeBip on the computer, we would not have found it. This kind of software is a great tool for us : saving time,consequent economy and irrefutable proof. Installing software on a computer is a private matter, however, the experience in this case leads us to promote BeeBip. It would be desirable to generalize the installation of such a product on computers and becomes as obvious as the use of an antitheft device for two wheels. The insurers should be interested in it closely. This would substantially increase the level of resolutions burglary cases . This product has proven his usefulness, by its operation, reliable and compelling information given in the investigation quoted in example. »
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BeeBip is a smart security solution. In case of theft, it will hide your files, delete your sensitive data or recovert them remotely. The device is also physically located and recovered at the home of the fraudulent user.


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