How BeeBip find your stolen device?

BeeBip is the guardian of your computer, Mac or PC

Few seconds only are needed to install BeeBip. Then, it goes into sleep and does not consume any resources during this time. If stolen, you have to report the incident to authorities and our services. BeeBip will then emit a signal that we will be able to receive through Internet. The information collected will allow the authorities to locate and identify the user.

Report the theft of your computer

The theft may be declared by the Internet from any computer. Simply go into your customer area. You can also contact us by phone at +33 320 535 535 .

Locate your computer

We locate your computer for you, and you are informed as soon as our services have detected it. We work with the police and we give all the necessary information to law enforcement so they can identify the illegitimate user and go at his home.

Hide, remove and recover your data

Hiding and recovery of data starts automatically the first Internet connection after the declaration of the theft. Files concerned are those contained in the standard folders (Documents, Pictures, Desktop etc.). You can also request the recovery or removal of any other file in your customer area as soon as BeeBip has completed to establish the full list.

Confidentiality and security of my data

During installation, you must choose an encryption key. It is used to encrypt the files that we would have to recover for you in case of theft. It is also used as an authentication key for data destruction. It ensures that only you will be able to read the recovered files or seek their destruction. Our services are unaware of this key and we can not give it to you in case of loss. Keep it in a safe place!
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