The antitheft software for Mac, Pc, Tablets and smartphones
& Vidéo Protection contre le cambriolage

BeeBip, the antitheft software
protects thousands homes and businesses against theft

• Geolocation against theft of computers, tablets, smartphones
• Data protection against information theft
• Video Protection against burglary
• Helpdesk to retrieve your stolen devices
• Format resistant *
Key features
Geolocation of your devices
géolocalisation en temps réelgéolocalisation d'ordinateur
Data protection
protection des donnéesprotection des données
Video Protection
Vidéo ProtectionVidéo Protection
Exclusive service of assistance
Assistance à la récupération de vos appareils volésAssistance à la récupération de vos appareils volés
Efficiency regnonized by authorities
Detailed features
IP Geolocation
Wifi/Gps/Gsm Geolocation
Immediate remote locking
Remote locking without internet reconnection
Remote recovery of your data
Remote removing of data
Hiding data
Detection of SIM card change
Taking pictures
Recovery and deletion of SMS
Recovery and deletion of contacts
Support by email and phone
Helpdesk to retrieve your stolen device

BeeBip is financed by the European Union. Europe is committed in France with the European Regional Development Fund.
Software against computer theft
Recover your data on a stolen computer
Anti-theft computer security