Why protect against computer theft?

Computer theft

It is not only the sales of laptops that are soaring. By definition mobile, these machines also tend to fly away ... That's why we've designed BeeBip. Preemptively installed on your computer, BeeBip is very discreet, very tenacious, and undetectable. If stolen, at the slightest connection to the Internet, the computer signals its position.

A computer is not only a banal object, it is primarily a private area

Family photos, bank accounts, tax returns ... Your computer is full of confidential and personal data. Imagine it inspected and searched by a complete stranger is unbearable. It is a real rape of your privacy. Beyond the object itself, it is also the privacy of the user BeeBip intends to protect.

Protection of desktops: BeeBip proves to be a key tool in the fight against burglary

If laptops are prime targets, the desktops can be very useful in case of burglary. They are rarely spared in such circumstances. With BeeBip, they are transformed into genuine stalkers which can not only find your hardware, but also give to the authorities the only serious track in their investigations to find all of your belongings.
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