Frequently Asked Questions about BeeBip

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Q: Why is BeeBip effective?

Q: With which computers BeeBip is it compatible?

Q: Where can I drive BeeBip (test, locate my Mac or PC, uninstall, manage my licenses ...)?

Q: Does BeeBip works all over the world?

Q: Can BeeBip be automatically deployed on a network?

Q: I have installed BeeBip, but I see nothing on my computer.

Q: Is the connection to the website secure ?

Q: How to verify that BeeBip is installed?

Q: Which information is used to locate my stolen computer?

Q: Can I locate myself my computer?

Q: BeeBip can recover files remotely on a computer stolen. Is there not a data theft risk?

Q: BeeBip allows the destruction of files remotely on a computer stolen. Is there not a risk of accidental loss of files?

Q: Which files can be recovered or destroyed?

Q: Does BeeBip protect the privacy of my data?

Q: How do I know if the files have been destroyed or recovered?

Q: Where is my email address backup?

Q: How does BeeBip work?

Q: Does BeeBp contain spyware or a virus?

Q: What happens if the drive is formatted or if a new operating system is installed?
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