Remote retrieving data

Protect your data and your digital life

Beyond the advice itself, the contents of a computer, a tablet or a smartphone can have a priceless value in the eyes of the owner. Memory of end study, family photos, videos of your last holidays, income tax return... Each of us now has a real digital life, precious, stored in the memory of one or more devices. In case of theft, it is all this digital life which irremediably disappears
BeeBip proposes the only one solution able to remotly retrive any file in case of loss or theft of your device
BeeBip is a smart security solution. In case of theft, it will hide your files, delete your sensitive data or recovert them remotely. The device is also physically located and recovered at the home of the fraudulent user.


Logiciel antivol pour les entreprises

Home users

Antivol ordinateur pour les particuliers


Sécurité informatique des administrations


Protection de l'informatique des professionnels de santé


Intelligence économique


Protection contre le vol d'ordinateur dans les établissements scolaires et universités
Protection against computer theft
Fight against computer theft
Protect your computeur against theft