BeeBip protège les données de votre ordinateur volé

BeeBip hide, recover and delete your data

Hiding and recovery of data will automatically start after the first Internet reconnection following the theft reporting to authorities. Files automatically taken into account are those contained in the standard folders (Documents, Pictures, Office, and so on..). You can also request the recovery or the deleting of any other file from your account as soon as BeeBip completed to establish the full list.

Confidentiality and security of my data

During installation, you must choose a 6-digit encryption key. It is serves to encrypt the files we will have to recover for your account in case of theft and authentification key for dat destruction request.It guarantees you that you are the only one who can read the recovered files or ask for their destruction. Our services are not aware of that key code and we will not be able to return it to you in case of loss. Keep it in a safe place !
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