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Protect your privacy, geotag your mobile workers

Antitheft Technology BeeBip is linked to economic intelligence. Beyond the computer hardware itself, the loss or theft of a computer is an often underestimated risk. Theft of confidential information has a direct cost of up to several tens of thousands of euros. Deleting data remotely protects against information leakage. Geolocation allows you to track your mobile workforce in real time.
Antitheft Technology BeeBip can be deployed in an automated way on your desktop. It negates the risk of internal theft and eliminates costs associated with disclosure of confidential data. A specifically tailored to IT parks pricing makes Beebip the most economical solution on the market.
IT security staff admits that 57% of security breaches used were caused by roberry of laptops. (Study CSI).
70 % Of stolen computers occured internally. (Gartner Group).
Laptop computer theft is the second computer crime after sending viruses. (Study CSI / FBI (Computer Security Institute / Federal Bureau of Investigation)).
According to Infonetics Research, more than 70 % of laptops are configured to access the corporate network via a VPN connection.
94 % of European SMEs are experienced at least one theft of laptop in 2007 (according to IDC).

Protect your privacy, geotag your mobile workers

Prevention :
The video protection alerts you in real time about intrusion in your office.
Reaction :
The location allows you to find any device that was stolen before the intervention of the police.
BeeBip is a smart security solution. In case of theft, it will hide your files, delete your sensitive data or recovert them remotely. The device is also physically located and recovered at the home of the fraudulent user.


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